City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

4th January 1796 - 28th December 1796

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Image 409 of 7799th July 1796

City & Liberty of Westmr.
in the County of Midsex}

Informations of
Witnesses taken this
9 July 1796 at the House
of Thomas Jones< no role > the Sign of the Bricklayer's
Arms in Duke Street Grosvenor Square in the
Parish of St. George Hanover on view of the
Body of Thomas Linch< no role > and infant aged 5 yrs
Thos Welford< no role > No 24 Bird Street St Georges
Parish Shoe-maker .
being-Sworn deporeth & saith that about 8
o'Clock Yesterday Evens he was sitting
in the one pr. of Stain Room & he heard
some thing fall down & in immediately
he heard somebody caclaim that the
Deced had fallen out of the two
pair of Stair Windowthis
Dept. & his Son immediately went down
Stairs & his Son picked up the
Deced out of the Area & took him
into the sd. House who was then
much in (med in the Headthe
Scull being fracturedhe died same
Eveng between 10 & n o Clock the
Child near spoke. this Dept
he hears no person was in the
Your of the time the Deced fell

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