City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

5th January 1793 - 30th December 1793

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Image 127 of 80128th February 1793

City & Liberty

Informations of Witness taken this 28th. day
of Febry 1793 in the Parish of St. Grocer Hanover
Square at the Dwelling house of Joseph
< no role > the Sign of the their Compasses in
Bird Street Grosvenor Square before Anthony
< no role > Coroner for the City and Liberty aforesaid
touching the death of Elizabeth Smith< no role >
then and there lying dead in follows

William Jones< no role > of Bird Street Yeoman being
sworn saith that on Monday the Eleventh
day of February 1793 between 5 and 6 o'Clock
in the Evening that he heard some in the
adjoining room when he lodged No. in said Street which
a purpect falling down on the Floor and
he heard some body cry out murder
whereupon this Deponent went into the
Room where her found the deceased alone lying
on the Floor near the [..] all in a
blaze and he immediately pulled her
further from the Fire Place and endeavoured
to extingquish the Fire of her Cloaths
which pulled part of her Cloaths from
off one side of her when she was
insensible and Speechless when some
Neighbours came into the Room and one
of them

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