City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

5th January 1788 - 29th December 1788

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Currently Held: Westminster Abbey Muniment Room

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Image 568 of 80523rd September 1788

City and Liberty
of Westminster .
in the County of
Middlesex }

To wit

To any One of the Constables of the said City and
Liberty, in the said County.

Edward Pryce< no role >

By Virtue of my Office, these are in his Majesty's Name to charge
and command you, that on sight hereof your summon and warn
twenty-four able and sufficient Men of said Liberty, personally to be
and appear before me, on Tuesday the 23rd. Day
of August by Six of the Clock in the After noon of
the same Day, at the House of Mr. William Carter< no role > 's known by the
Sign of the Crown and Apple Tree in Berwick Street
in the Parish of St. James within the Liberty of Westminster
then and there to do and execute all such Things as shall be given them
in charge, on the behalf of our Sovereign Lord the King's Majesty,
touching the Death of Edward Pryor< no role >
and for your so doing this is your Warrant. And that you also attend at the
Time and Place abovementioned to make a Return of the Names of those
you shall so Summon: And further to do and execute such other Matters
as shall be then and there enjoined you, and have you then there this Warrant.

GIVEN under my Hand and Seal this 22d. Day of September in
the Year of our Lord 17 88.

Thos. Prickard< no role > Coroner .

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