City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

14th January 1785 - 26th December 1785

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Currently Held: Westminster Abbey Muniment Room

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Image 529 of 6973rd September 1785

September 3d. 1785

A List of the Jury Summond


Mr. Jno. Barker< no role > Victualler Swatton Street Sworn


Mr. John Hunter< no role > Carver & Gilder Swatton Street Sworn
Mr. John Right < no role > Stone Mason Do Do
Mr. John Ashton< no role > DoDo.Do


Mr. Joseph Featherby< no role > Tobacconist Do Do Vigo Lane Sworn


Mr. Thos. Allinson< no role > Tinman Swatton Street Sworn
Mr. Thos. Sheirdown< no role > Victualler Swallon Street
Mr. Edward Willson< no role > Hair Dresser Do. Do


Mr. Thos. Thompson< no role > Green Grocer Glass house Street Sw.


Mr. James Crump< no role > SilverDoDo Sworn


Mr. John Brown< no role > Hair Dresser DoDo Sworn
Mr. Thos. Griffis< no role > Victualler Warwick Street


Mr. Robert Thompson< no role > Baker Do.Do


Mr. Michl. Munday< no role > Dyer Marylebone Street Sws Foreman
[..] Mr. John Marlborough< no role > Green Grocer Do.Do Sw
[..] Mr. John Singelton < no role > Victualler Do.Do Sw.
[..] Mr. James Howell< no role > DittoDo.Do Sw.
[..] Mr. David Henderson< no role > Baker DoDo Sw.


Mr Thos. Denton< no role > Victualler Do.Do Sw.


Mr. Simon Willson< no role > DittoDoDo Sworn
Mr. Wm Steward< no role > Tinman Piccadilly

1 [..]

Mr. John Thompson< no role > Tinman Piccadilly Sworn


Mr. George Stancay< no role > Taylor DittoSworn
Mr. John Harden< no role > Armey Reutriment maker Piccadilly


John Roberts< no role > Sworn

Stephen Pitt< no role > Constable
of St. James Wesmr.

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