City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

14th January 1785 - 26th December 1785

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Currently Held: Westminster Abbey Muniment Room

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Image 513 of 6972nd September 1785

City & Liberty of
Westmr . in the
County of Midsex }

Informations taken this Second day
of September 1785 at the Parish of
St. George Hanover Square within the
Liberty of Westmr. in the County of Midsex
upon an Inquisition touching the
death of Francis Bolier< no role > lying dead
in the said Parish Liberty & County

Martha White< no role > House Maid at Mr. Walpole
in Barkley Square on her Oath saith
That on Wednesday Night last (the [..]
Thirty first day of August) about Nine
o'Clock Dept. was coming along Grosvenor
Square in the Parish of St. George Hanover
Square , and saw the Deced about
Ten Yards before her Says that the
Deced walked two or there Steps, and
fell down from the Foot Pavement into
the Coach Way upon his Face, then turner
upon his leftside and Groaned, Says that
she spoke to him but had no Answer
and believe the Deced never spoke
afterwards, Says that a Candle was
brought when Dept. saw blood upon the
Deced's face, which cause from his Nose
Mouth and a Wound over the left Eye
Says that a Surgeon was fetched who
endeavoured to bleed the Deced, but he
bleed very little and died immediately
Says that there was no Person near the
Deced when he fell, and think [..] his fall
was in Consequence of a Fit.

Martha White< no role >

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