City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

14th January 1785 - 26th December 1785

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Image 178 of 6974th April 1785

City and Liberty of
Westmr . in the
County of Midsex.}

Informations taken this fourth day
of April 1785 at the Parish of St. James
within the Liberty of Westmr. in the
County of Midsex. upon an Inquisition
touching the death of John Tobias Le Motte< no role >
lying died in the said Parish Liberty
and County

Edward Birks< no role > Virtualler at the Sign of
the Jolly Cooper in St. Alban Street in the
Parish of St. James Westmr. on his Oath
saith, That John Tobias Le Motte the Deced
has Lodged with Dept. in a Room on the
Second Floor, about a Month Says that
the Deced came home last Night about
Ten o'Clock, did not appear to be in
Liquor but Dept. thinks that he had
been Drinking, Says that he drank
some Ale. & Two penny in Depts. House
and then appeared to be, a little in Liquor
Says that about Twelve o'Clock the Deced
and Peter Harrington< no role > another Lodger
went up Stairs together to go into Bed,
and Peter took a lighted Candle, (He
Lodged in the Garret) Says that he heard
them talk as they went up Stairs, and heard
Peter go into his Room, Says that this
Morning between ten & Eleven o'Clockthis
Dept. sent his Maid Servant to
call the Deed to Breakfast, That she returned
immediately saying that the Deced lay
on the Floor in his Cloaths, by the Bed side
upon which Dept. went up and saw the
Deced who was Cold and appeared to be
dead some time. Says that he observed
no Marks of violence upon the Deced
and believes that the Deced died in a
nature Way

Edward Bricks< no role >

Sworn the Day Year & Place
abovementioned before me
Tho. Prickard< no role > Coroner }

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