City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

14th January 1785 - 26th December 1785

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Currently Held: Westminster Abbey Muniment Room

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Image 161 of 69730th March 1785

City & Liberty
of Westmr . in the
County of Midsex }

Infromations taken this Thirtieth
day of March 1785 at the Parish of
St. Jame within the Liberty of Westmr.
in the County of Midlesex upon an
Inquisition touching the death of
John N [..] daby lying dead in the
said Parish Liberty and County.

Thomas Ayleworth< no role > Assistant to Mr. Simmon
Apothecary in Jermyn Street on his
Oath saith That he was fetched to John
< no role > Yesterday about Seven o'Clock
in the Evening That he found him
insensible having a Wound on the
back part of his Head which he recei [..] d
by falling down Stairs in Ormond Yard
in the Parish of St. James , Says that
Deced bled at the Nose, and Dept. bled
him in the right Arm, the Deced
bled freely but continued insensible
and Dept. Thought that the Deced
had received a Concussion in and
upon the Brain, and Dept. recommended
a Surgeon,

Thomas Ayleworth< no role >

Thomas Backham< no role > , Helper in the Stable
to the Dean of Durham on his Oath saith
that he was with the Deced in Mrs. Crisp's
Room Yesterday Evening, when the Deced
appeared to be in Liquor, Says that he
took care of the Deced's Horses (who was
Groom to St. John Sheffield< no role > ) That he acquainted
the Deced there with and desired him to go
to Bed, which Deced said he would do.
and Dept. then went to a Publick House
in the Yard, Says that in about five Min [..]
Dept was called out & informed that the
Deced had fallen down Stairs, upon why
he went to the Deced who lay at the both

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