City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

14th January 1785 - 26th December 1785

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Currently Held: Westminster Abbey Muniment Room

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Image 152 of 69728th March 1785

City & Liberty
of Westmr . in the
County of Midsdex }

Informations taken this Twenty
eighth day of March 1785 at
Tothill Fields Bridewell in the
Parish of St. Margaret within the
Liberty of Westmr. in the County of
Middlesex upon an Inquisition touching
the death of Thomas Wheeler< no role > a
Prisoner lying dead in the said Prisoner

William Barton< no role > Surgeon on his Oath saith
That he this day Examined the Body of
Thomas Wheeler< no role > a Prisoner in Tothill Field
Bridewell , and found no Marks of
violence thereupon, Says that he has
visited the Prison every day upwards
of a fortnight last past, and heard no
complaint of the Deced being ill, Says
that, he was informed to day in the
Prison, that the Deced died there this
Morning, and Dept. believes that the
Deced died in a natural Way.

William Barton< no role >

Henry Wright< no role > Under keeper of Tothill Fields
Bridewell on his Oath saith That Thomas
< no role > the Deced was brought to Tothill Fields
on the Seventeenth day of February last
being Committed by Mr. Justice Gilbert,
appearing then to be in Health, That he
has not at all complained of being ill
and was Confined in the same Ward with
other Prisoners that were in Health
Says that this Morning a little after Eight [..]
o'Clock one of the Prisoners came to Dept.
saying that Wheeler was dying in the
Taproom, upon which Dept. went there

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