City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

1st January 1781 - 29th December 1781

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Image 405 of 5257th September 1781

What he did it with, but Dept. did not hear
the Deced make any Ancher the he moved his Hand
towards the Wife as if he wished her to keep
away, Says that in about an hour a
Surgeon came from the Westmr. Hospital
who Examined the Wound in Deced's Throat
and said it was impossible for him to live
Says that the Deced told the Surgeon that
he gave himself the Wound in his Throat
with a Knife, and that it was Parish [..]
his Wife, Says that the same Morning on
George Bingley< no role > asking he Deced if he had
given himself the Wound in his Throat
Deced answered that he gave it himself
with a Knife, which was behind a Box
in the Room which was afterwards found
there bloody, Says that on Thursday the
30th. August the Deced was carried to the
Westmr. Hospital. Says that she behalf the Deced gave
himself the Wound in his Throat which comed
his death.

El France< no role >

Ann Shaw< no role > a Lodger at Mr. France on her
Oath saith That she heard the Deced in his
Room about One o'Clock & afterwards on
Monday Morning the 27th. of Augt. last, as she
thought Rattering in his Throat, That she was
called up between six & seven that Morning
and on her going to Deced's room found
upon the Bed bleeding, Says that the Deced
afterwards in her hearing death that he had
given himself the Wound in his Throat
with a Knife, and Dept. believes that the
Deced was disordered in his Mind

Ann Shaw< no role >

George Bingley< no role > of Castle Yard Broad Way Westmr.
Shoe maker on his Oath saith That on Monday
Morning Augt. 27. last Deced's wife called him
to fur Husband, Says that he went and found
him Bleeding from a Wound in the Throat
which he told Dept. he had given himself
with a Knife and pointed to the Place by
the side of a Box in the Room where the Knife
was found bloody. Says that the Deced has
been some time very low Spirited and

George Bingley< no role >

Severally Sworn the Day
Year & Place abovementioned
before me
Tho. Prickard< no role > Coroner .}

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