City of Westminster Coroners:
Coroners' Inquests into Suspicious Deaths

3rd January 1766 - 29th December 1766

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City and Liberty of
Westmr. in the County
of Middlesex }

Informations taken this Third day of
March 1766 at the Parish of St. Margaret
in the City and Liberty of Westmr. in the County
of Middlesex on an Inquisition touching the
Death of James Edmead< no role > lying Dead in the said
Parish Liberty and County.

Henry Davies< no role > of Long Ditch in the Parish of St. Margt .
Westmr. on his Oath saith, That about four years ago Dept.
was a Serjeant in the Cold Stream Regarment of foot General
and being Recrinting in Hampshire , when the Deced came to
him to Orton in a Post Chain from Farnham to Enlist Says that he did
Enlist the Deced, That he was there informed by several
Persons that the Deced was not in his perfect Senses, and
that he this Dept. has at different times since observed
the Deced to be Disordered in his Mind, as this Dept
verily believes. And this Dept. says that he was
at home yesterday Morning about ten o'Clock when
his Wife came home and informed Dept. that the Deced
had cut his Throat, Says that he went out immediately
and found the Deced lying on his back in a Hole in a
Stable Yard, on the back part of Houses in Great George
Street in the said Parish of St. Margaret, Says that he
saw a wound in Deced's Throat, and much Blood upon
his Cloaths, and that Deced was Dead, and that Dept. was
informed by People that were standing there that Deced had
cut his Throat. and that the Deced afterwards Stabbed
himself in the Belly.

Henry Davis< no role >

John Tomlinson< no role > Serjeant in the Cold Stream Regiment
of Foot Guards on his Oath saith, That, the said Regiment was to
be reviewed yesterday Morning in St. James's Park , That
the Deced (who was a Soldier in his Company) did not appear

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