Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

14th October 1772

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26th June 1772

Jesus Christ as crucified for them, he being the true and only sacrifice for sir.

On speaking of the awful change they would shortly experience, Lovell again, (as he had often before done) confessed that his sentence was just; and that he had no other hope or dependence for pardon and salvation, but the death and merits of the Lord Jesus; and that he should die in peace with all men, freely forgiving the greatest enemy he had.

I should not omit one circumstance of this poor unhappy convict's free and open confession of the little knowledge he had of religion: A worthy clergyman, who visited him while under sentence, speaking to him of the power and efficacy of the blood of Christ to wash away sins; he said, that he had scarce ever heard of Christ, for that he could neither read nor write. And when spoken to, before admitted to the Lord's table, he told me, he knew not what it meant. O shocking stupidity! Is it possible that such ignorance can so prevail in a christian country! How careful ought parents to be in training up their children in a true and saving knowledge of religion; which would be a great means of preserving them from falling into many vices of the present age, which the ignorant and unwary are daily rushing into.

Prayers being ended, they went down from chapel, in order to be prepared, The sheriff?s officer soon came: Their irons being knocked off, they were haltered and pinioned, and put into one cart. They arrived at the place of execution a quarter before eleven, where we joined in prayer, recommending them to the mercy of God, Lovell informed me, that Ben. Murphy< no role > ran away with the gentleman's watch, and that his sentence was no more than what he had long before deserved; but he hoped that God would forgive him; as he forgave every one. - Devine said he died in charity with all mankind. Soon after which they suffered their sentence.

An ACCOUNT of the BEHAVIOUR Of John Jones< no role > , John Sunderland< no role > , Alias Sandiland< no role > , John Chapman< no role > , and John Creamer< no role > .

By virtue of the King's commission of the peace, oyer and terminer, and goal-delivery, of Newgate, holden for the city of London and county of Middlesex, at Justice-hall in the Old-Bailey, before the Right Honourable William Nash< no role > , Esq . Lord Mayor of the city of London ; Sir William Henry Ashurst< no role > , Knt . one of the justices of his Majesty?s court of King's-bench ; Sir George Nares< no role > , Knt . one of his Majesty's justices of

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