Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

24th December 1744

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19th December 1744

ON Wednesday the 19th of December , Report was made to his Majesty in Council, of the Twenty-one Malefactors under Sentence, lying in the Cells of Newgate, when David Saddow< no role > and James Ruggles< no role > , two Soldiers in the first Regiment of Guards, for a Robbery in St. James's-Park , behind Buckingbam-House , and Robert Carter< no role > , for robbing Mr. Welldy of 4 Shillings and some Half-pence, received his Majesty's most gracious Reprieve for Transportation for fourteen Years.

The remaining Eighteen, viz. John Hill< no role > , John Potbury< no role > , Sulpice Duclot< no role > , Samuel Goodman< no role > , Benjamin David Woolfe< no role > , Hannah Moses< no role > , otherwise Samuel< no role > , William Billingsley< no role > , otherwise Gugg< no role > , William Brister< no role > , otherwise Dillsey< no role > , James Roberts< no role > This name instance is in set 3223. , Henry Gadd< no role > , otherwise Scampey< no role > , Theophilus Watson< no role > , Patrick Bourk< no role > , otherwise John Bourks< no role > , George Ellis< no role > , James Leekey< no role > , William Robinson< no role > , William Norwill< no role > , otherwise Long Will, Joseph Field< no role > , and Thomas Wells< no role > , were appointed for Execution.

William Billingsley< no role > , otherwise Gugg< no role > , was indicted for a Street-Robbery.

1. William Billingsley< no role > , otherwise Gugg< no role > , 21 Years of Age, born of honest Parents, in the Parish of St. Sepulchre's , where his Father now lives, and by Trade a Shoe-maker, who put him to the Free-School of the said Parish, to learn him to read, write, and cast Accompts for Business, and instructed him in Christianity. When of Age, he was not put to any Trade, but undertook to be a Lamp-Lighter , which Employment he follow'd about Newgate-Street , and other Places without the Gate. He at last became a common Thief and Robber, and guilty of all Vices common to vile Reprobates. Since a Child at School, he has been quite negligent of all Religion, never went to Church, and kept the worst of Company both of Men and Women, who led him in all their mischievous and wicked Ways. He behaved quietly and always came to Chapel, and when there was very attentive to the Prayers and Exhortations. There is a Custom among them to give foolish, insignificant Nick Names to one another, Billingsley's By-Name was Gugg.

HE was convicted for a Robbery in Devonshire-Square , with Field, Gadd the Boy, and four or five more. Nine of them were convicted this Sessions upon the Evidence of Harper, and all of them were of the Black-Boy-Alley Gang, of which Society the Three Women executed in November last were Members also.

HE made Confession, that he believed in Christ, professed Repentance for his Sins, and acknowledged that he was in Peace with all Men.

2. Thomas Wells< no role > , indicted for the same Street-Robbery with the abovesaid Billingsley, was about Twenty-Three Years of Age, born of honest Parents in St. Sepulchre's Parish . His Father got him into the Charity-School belonging to the said Parish, together with his unlucky Companion Billingsley, and there he learned to Read, Write, and Cast Accompts, and was carefully instructed in the Principles of our most Holy Christian Religion.

WHEN he was able to get his Bread, he took to the Business of being one of the Lamp-Lighters in the same Precincts with Billingsley. He associated with, and joined himself to a Company of the most wicked and abandoned Wretches about Town, who hurried him apace to utter Destruction, he not having either Prudence or Resolution to resist their ensnaring Sollicitations. He was altogether corrupt in his Morals, and in Disposition utterly averse to whatever was good or commendable.

HE past for the Husband of Ann Barefoot< no role > This name instance is in set 3829. , who was executed in November last with Ann Duck< no role > This name instance is in set 3827. , and assumed his Name, although they were never married. He owned he had committed many Robberies, which may be seen

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