Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

7th April 1742

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25th December 1741

give him something to bear his Expences, we return'd him 5 s. of his Money again.

After this, we went to Lynn , where we staid 'till we had spent our Money, and then went towards Houghton , and in our Way thither, met one of the Earl of Orford's Servants, whom we stopped and robbed of 6 s. 6 d. and a Silver Pocket Piece, worth about half a Crown, and upon his pleading Poverty, we returned it to him again. He had no sooner left us, but three Men came over the Hedge, whom he told, how he had been serv'd, and because he could not fare well but must cry Roast Meat, I went back and took all the Money from him, and rode directly for Houghton , and from thence we went to Holt , where we played several Pranks, by stealing Geese, and inviting the Owners of them to Sup off them.

From Holt , we went to Croner , where in the Dusk of an Evening, we met a Man on Horseback: We asked, who came there? and he not answering in a handsome Manner, we took his Money from him, which amounted to 4 Shillings, and which (he said) he bad been to receive for shoeing Horses. He told us, he was a poor Man, and had a large Family; upon which, we returned him the Money again, with the Addition of another Shilling to drink our Healths, at the same Time charging him for the future to give better Manners to Gentlemen on the Road, and not tell any body how he had been robb'd. He promised he would not even tell his Wife, for he knew (he said) a Woman could not keep a Secret.

From Croner we went to Eltham in Norfolk , where we stole a Horse belonging to the Parson of the Town, but not liking him, we turn'd him adrift again, and rode to Norwich , where we put up at the Bell , and diverted ourselves for some Time in what the Town afforded.

From thence we came to London , and between Elden and Barton Mills , about eight in the Morning we saw a Gentleman coming along at a Distance, upon which (there being several Tracks in the Road) I ordered Easter to go into one to stop the Gentleman, if he came in his Way, and I determined to do the same if he came into mine.

It happened, he met with me, upon which, I rode up to him, with the usual Word, desiring him not to be 'frighted, but I must have his Money. He rode from me, but People of our Business, seldom having bad Horses, I overtook him, and swore I would shoot him. He not stopping, I cross'd the Road upon him, thinking he could not jump over me, but he turned back and rode up to Easter, who was in the Road at a Distance, and said, Sir, I am likely to be robbed, for that Man is a Highwayman! Sir, (said Easter) I am afraid you are, and taking hold of his Horse's Reins, pulled out a Pistol, and demanded his Money. Why (said the Gentleman) I took you for an honest Man! So I am (said Easter) because I rob the Rich to give to the Poor. I then jump'd off my Horse and made the Gentleman alight, and took from him a Gold Watch, a Diamond Ring, a Mourning Ring, a Guinea, one Shilling, and a Halfpenny; after which, we turned his Horse loose at a great Distance from him.

After this, we rode about three Miles 'cross the Country, and then my Horse tiring, I put him into a Barn, and got up behind Easter, and rode with him two Miles, and then made him dismount; upon which, we had a few Words: but I threaten'd to shoot the Horse, and so made him easy.

I then turned the Horse a-drift, and each of us threw away our Whips and Spurs, and walked about 8 Hours, and then Night coming on, we put up at the House of one Wall, a Butcher, at a Town in Norfolk , who informed us, that the Gentleman whom we last robb'd, as above, was the Surgeon of Brigadier Churchill's Regiment. I told him, he must repair his Loss, by enlarging his Bills upon his Patients; but he found another Way, for it being between Sun and Sun, he sued the County, and swore he lost 40 Guineas; and other Things, and I don't doubt but he recovered it.

Some Time after this, we came to London , and after staying a while, and getting fresh Horses, we went to Brentford , and from thence to Maidenhead , where we robbed the Reading Stage-Coach; but this not answering our Expectations, we went to Marlborough , and upon the Downs there, we met with the Bristol Stage-Coach, but not getting above ten Pounds out of it, we came to London again, and went to Stratford, by Bow , where Easter and I stopped three Coaches all at

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