Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

21st September 1715

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21st September 1715

Sheets, and other Goods, on the 22d of July last . She said, her right Name was Mary Nichols< no role > This name instance is in set 1249. , and she was about 30 Years of Age, born at Deptford in Kent ; That she us'd to sell Meat (her Husband being a Butcher) and sometimes Fish, Eggs, Butter, Fruit, & c. about the Streets in London , Southwark , &c. thereby endeavouring to get an honest Livelihood; but thro' her Husband's Unkindness, and her Charge of providing for her small Children as well as for her self, being great, she was reduc'd to extream Poverty, and by that driven to Stealing; which wicked Trade she began 2 Years since, and was burnt in the Hand about Christmas last, as she had been twice before, for several Felonies by her committed. She particularly acknowledg'd her self Guilty of the Crime she now stood condemn'd for. I found her very ignorant; yet, I hope, she at last became sensible of the Heinousness of her Sins, so as to repent of them in good earnest.

At the Place of Execution (whither they were all carry'd in 2 Carts this Day) I attended them for the last time, and (according to my usual manner) exhorted them more and more to repent, and stir up their Affections to GOD: I pray'd and sung some Penitential Psalms with them, made them rehearse the Apostles Creed, and finally recommended them to the Divine Mercy, and so retir'd, leaving them to their private Devotions, for which they had some time allotted. They admonisht the People to take Warning by their Fall; and those concern'd with them in their Crimes, to repent. Then the Cart drew away, and they were turn'd off, all of them calling upon GOD to pardon their Sins, and receive their Souls.

This is all the Account here to be given of these Dying Persons, by me,

PAUL LORRAIN< no role > , Ordinary .

Wednesd. Sept. 21st, 1715.


THis is to give Notice to all Gentlemen, Booksellers, and others, That there is lately publish'd a new Sett of Cuts, adapted to several sizes of Commonprayers, all new Designs, by Mr. Gocree of Amsterdam, engrav'd by P. Vanergucht. Likewise Mr. Sturt's Cuts. Sold by ROBERT WHITLEDGE< no role > , at the Bible and Ball in Ave-Maria-Lane , near Ludgate , where may be had all sorts of Bibles either in Folio, Quarto, Octavo, Twelves, or other sizes; Common-prayers in Folio, for the Use of Churches; Common-prayers in 8 & 12. A New Edition of the Book of Homilies, in folio. All neatly bonnd. The Duty of Man's Works of all sizes. Duty of Man in Latin. Latin and Welsh Common-prayers. Tate and Brady's new Version of Psalms, with the new Supplement. Dr Gibson on the Sacrament. Mr. Clutterbuck on the Liturgy. The Statutes at large, in 3 vol. Bp Beveridge's Sermons and private Thoughts, &c.

A Water that perfectly cures the Itch, or any Itching Humour in a few Days, without necessity of Puging, or the dangerous use of Mercury, as will be attested by several Persons of sufficient Credit, pr. 1 s. 6 d. the Bottle, Prepar'd by A. Downing, Chymist, at the Golden-ball and Crown in Hand-Alley without Bishopsgate. Also a curious Preparation for the Teeth and Gums, which fast loose Teeth, cures the Scurvy in them, and prevents their rotting, price 2 s. A Remedy for the Tooth-ach, the most general for giving effectual Ease of any yet known, price 1 s. Likewise the true Essenial Spirits of Scurvy , Purging ad, Plain, and the Spirits of Ground-Ivy, at 8 d. a Bottle.

Just publish'd,

BIshop Hacket's Memoirs of the Life of Archbp Williams abridg'd, with the most remarkable Occurences and Transactions in Church and State, by Mr. Stephens of Sutton in Surry. Printed for S. Briscoe, and E. Symon, at the Bull in Cornhill. To-morrow will be publish'd, The School of Venus; or, Cupid restor'd to Sight, being the History of Cuckolds and Cuckold-makers; giving an Account of the Secret Amours and Pleasant Intrigues of our British Kings, Noblemen, and others, with the most incomparable Beauties and famous Jilts from K. Henry II. to this present time. The Whole interspers'd with curious Letters of Love and Gallantry. By Capt . Alexander Smith< no role > . Sold by J. Morphew near Stationers-hall, and E. Berrington without Temple-bar.

This Day is publish'd,

The Works of Mr. Edmund Hickeringill< no role > , the History of Priests and Priestcraft, in three Parts, representing the Follies and Frauds of the Priests of all Religions. The Black Nonconformist, the Ceremony-monger, and all the rest of his Works, collected into 3 vols. To which is added, an Index to the whole. Printed for S. B. and Sold by J. Brown without Temple-bar, J. Marshall in Newgate-street; and E. Symons against the Royal-Exchange.

The Works of Mr. Tho. Brown< no role > , in 4 neat Volumes; on an Elzevir Letter, serious and comical, in Prose and Verse, the 4th Edition, with large Additions never before publish'd. The 3d Edition of the Posthumous Works of Mr. Sam. Butler< no role > , written in the time of the Grand Rebellion, and the beginning of the Restauration, in Prose and Verse; with a Key to all his Parts of Hudibras, by Sir Roger L'Estrange< no role > , in 2 vols. The Works of Sir Cha Sidney< no role > , in one Vol.

THE Works of his Grace George Villiers< no role > , late Duke of Buckingham , in 2 Vols, containing a compleat Collection of all his Dramatick Pieces that were acted, with several design'd for the Stage, from the Original MSS. Also his Poems, Dialogues, Satyrs, Letters, and his Speeches in Parliament. To which is added, a Collection of the most remarkable Speeches, Debates, and Conferences of the most eminent Statesmen on both sides in the House of Lords and Commons, from the Year 1640, to the present Time. The Third Edition, with large Additions, adorn'd with Cuts. Printed for Sam. Briscoe< no role > , and Sold by R. Burleigh in Amen-Corner.

The Lives of the Foolish and Wicked and the Wise and Good Kings of Israel and Judah, in 2 parts. Printed by the Order of a Committy of Parliament in the Years 1642 and 1643. Printed for R. Burleigh in Amen-corner.

The 3d Edition of Mr. Stret's Astronomy, or his Tables and Rules for calculating of Eclipses; with Dr . Edmund Haley< no role > 's Observations on the Moon and Planets.

London Printed, and are Sold by J. Mo, near Stationers-hall.

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