Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

21st September 1715

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30th July 1715

discharg'd: That in July last he was again burnt in the Hand for another Felony, viz. for stealing 3 pair of Stockings out of the Shop of Mr. Matthew Waldren< no role > , on the 5th of that Month ; And so going on in his wicked Course of Life, did at last bring himself to this shameful Death. He declar'd, That he would die in the Romish Religion , tho' he knew little of that, or any other.

3. James Putris< no role > This name instance is in set 4713. alias Pewterer< no role > This name instance is in set 4713. , (which latter was his right Name) condemn'd for breaking open the House of Mr. Robert Brigham< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. , and stealing thence a Silk Petticoat, 74 yards of Ghenting, and several Pieces of Linnen, with other Goods, on the 26th of August last . He said, he was 20 Years of age, born at Shadwell ; That about six years ago he was enticed into the wicked Course of Thieving by one John Kennedy< no role > This name instance is in set 04711. , lately hang'd at Maidstone in Kent for robbing on the Highway: That Five years since, or thereabouts, he did break (into and rob) a Shop in Nightingale-Lane near East Smithfield , taking from thence 7 pair of Worsted-Stockings, some Worsted, and a Silver-Groat: That not long after this, he also broke open a House in Virginia-street , near the same Place, and by the help of another Person took thence a Copper, a Gown, and a Petticoat: That he was burnt in the Hand once at Maidstone , and kept a Twelvemonth in the Goal there; and another time at the Old-Baily, and order'd to the Bridewell in Clerkenwell ; where having been another Twelvemonth kept to Work, was at the end thereof discharg'd, but so far from being reform'd by all this Correction, that he presently return'd to his former Evil Ways; for the esday before his Commitment to Newgate (which was on Friday the 26th of August last ) he broke open the House of Mrs. Mary Gosworth< no role > , in Ratcliff Highway , and took from thence a Gold Necklace, 2 white Sarsenet Hoods, a Shirt, a Shift, 2 Silk Handkerchiefs, and 4 Silver-Thimbles; all which he sold for 5 l. 10 s. viz. the Necklace for 4 l. 10 s. the Hoods for 10 s. the Shirt and Shift for 5 s. the Handkerchiefs for 2 s. and the Thimbles for 2 s. and a Shilling over. He said also that there was something else he took out of that House at the same time, but could not tell what that was, for he dropt it as he was running from the Watch, who pursued him, but did not overtake him; so he escap'd for that time, but soon after was taken in another Fact, viz. that which has now more immediately brought him to this shameful untimely Death. Upon my asking him, What made him so easi yield (as it seem'd he did) to the pernicious Insinuations of that wicked Person Kennedy he answer'd, That being without Father or Mother, and left upon the Parish, he was put very young Apprentice to a Shoemaker , with whom he was bound to serve till he came to 24 Years of age: That his said Master being very severe and cruel to him, after he had liv'd two Years in his Service he ran away from him, and a few days after return'd to him; But meeting with worse Usage than he had before, he went away a second time, and return'd again: And this he frequently repeated for about two Years more; then left him quite, and wholly a himself in all manner of Wickedness, following the Diabolical Instructions given him by the said Kennedy, and growing more and more harden'd in his Sins, insomuch that no Correction hitherto was able to work any Good upon him. All this he acknowledg'd, and (to his great Grief) now perceiv'd the heinousness of his past Sins, and the mischievous Consequences of 'em He cry'd bitterly, and (according to his Capacity, which was but small) pray'd GOD to shew him Mercy.

4. Alexander Murray< no role > , condemn'd for stealing 38 yards of Silk Camblet, value 5 l. the Goods of Messieurs Coleman and Clay, out of the House of Mr. Henry Sheppeard< no role > , on the 30th of July last . He said, he was 24 years of age, born at Limerick in Ireland ; That his Parents gave him good Education, so that he was well vers'd in School-Learning, and besides this, did understand Navigation, Ganging, and keeping of Merchants Accompts, which he was taught at an Uncle's of his, a great Merchant in Ireland, with whom he liv'd three years: That he serv'd sometimes in the Army in Flanders , where being with a skilful Surgeon, he in a little time learnt something of the Art of Surgery : That having afterwards kept bad Company, and being brought to Poverty, he was induc'd to this Fact, which he said was his first. He express'd a great deal of Sorrow, not only for the Crime that had now brought him to this shameful End, but for all the Irregularities of his Life which were previous to it; praying GOD, and the Persons he had injur'd, to forgive him.

5. Trolly Lolly< no role > This name instance is in set 12490. , (a Name she was committed and try'd by) condemn'd for breaking the House of Mr. Christopher Hurt< no role > , and stealing thence a Pair of Flaxen

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