Ordinary of Newgate Prison:
Ordinary's Accounts: Biographies of Executed Convicts

11th May 1715

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25th March 1715

by them severally committed, which they were both Condemn'd for. And tho' this Samuel Awdry< no role > This name instance is in set 1427. had the Example of his two Brothers shameful Death before his Eyes, and even was an Evidence against the latter of them, viz. John Awdry< no role > This name instance is in set 12661151. , yet he would not take Warning by them, but follow'd the same wicked Way that had brought them to such a sad and untimely End.

2. John Stone< no role > , condemn'd for stealing a Cloth Suit and other Goods of Mr. Thomas Robinson< no role > , on the 23d of January , and a Silver Tankard out of the Dwelling-house of Mr. Henry Lowndes< no role > , on the 5th of February last . He own'd he was guilty of this Fact, and likewise of the other he was indicted for, and for want of sufficient Proof acquitted of, and that was his stealing a pair of Flaxen Sheets, and a Callico Quilt, out of the House of Mr. Peter Ayres< no role > , on the 27th of the said Month of February last . He said, he was about 21 Years of Age, born of good Parents in the Parish of Amberly near Arundel in Sussex : That about 4 Years ago he rob'd his Uncle's House in the Country, and took 300 l. in Money, and came up to London ; where he being (soon after) apprehended and committed to Newgate , was try'd, convicted, and burnt in the Hand at Justice-Hall in the Old-baily , for that Fact: That he was sent to the Bridewell in Clarkenwell , but broke out of it; and then committed another Felony, and was a second time burnt in the Hand, and order'd again to that Place for 2 Years, but staid there but one, for he broke out of it, as he had done before; and taking no Warning, nor improving these Corrections into Amendment, but returning to his old wicked Ways, he at last brought himself to this shameful and untimely End. He acknowledg'd he had been a wicked Liver, having committed Whoredom and Adultery, and been guilty of excessive Drinking, Swearing, prophaning the Lord's Day, &c. all which he said he heartily repented of, and beg'd, for Christ's sake, that GOD would pardon all his Sins and shew him Mercy.

3. Matthew Cornwall< no role > , condemn'd first for breaking the Dwelling-house of Mr. Thomas Biddle< no role > , on the 31st of March last , in the Night-time, and stealing thence 12 Pewter Dishes, and other Goods. 2dly, For breaking the House of Mr. Thomas Boyse< no role > , and stealing thence 112 Pound-weight of Tobacco, a pair of Scales, and a Weight. 3dly, For breaking the House of Mrs. Joan Harford< no role > , on the 9th of March last , and stealing thence 3 dozen of Plates, 12 Dishes, and other things. 4thly, For breaking the House of Mr. John Aaron< no role > , on the 23d of February last , and taking thence 10 Pewter Dishes, 40 Plates, and other Goods. He own'd he was guilty of all those Facts, and likewise of breaking and robbing the House of Mr. Jeremy Francis< no role > , on the 25th of March last ; which he was try'd for, but for want of sufficient Evidence, acquitted of. He said, he was 23 Years of Age, born at Trubridge in Wiltshire : That he was bound Apprentice to a Weaver in the Country, but soon left him; and having listed himself a Soldier , serv'd 9 Years in the Army. I found him so very ignorant that he could not so much as read, nor say the Lord's Prayer. He confess'd, that his Sins were great and many, which bad Company had entic'd him to the Commission of; and, That he was sorry for what he had done, but could not now undo it, otherwise than by begging Pardon of GOD and Man, as he did.

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