Westminster Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1798

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5th. Jan. Puse. Jury sayGuiltyImpd.
6 Months & whipped from Charing Cross to Parlt. St

Wm Holmes< no role > CoalsWood & or.

5th. Jan. Puse. Jury sayGuilty Transported
7 Years51

John Woodward< no role > CoalsWood & or.

5th. Jan Puse Jury sayGuiltyImpd one
Month [..]

James Newton< no role > CoalsWood & or.

5th. Jan Puse. Jury say Guilty One Month

Avin ThompsonPottJas. Reed

5th. Jan Jury say. Not Guilty

Jane Russell< no role > Sheets Etc. Wm Shaw< no role >

Wm. Mainwaring< no role > Esqr . Unanimously
reelected Chairman

6th. Jan. PuseJury sayNot Guilty

Wm Gardiner< no role > PottThos Carrick

6th. Jan. Puse. Jury sayNot Guilty

Mary Morris< no role > Shawl Jane Boyce< no role >

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