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October 1725

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In Pursuance of the Order of Referrence hereto annexed
We have examined the matters thereby referred to us, And do
find that a Warrant bearing Date ye. 28th. day of April last granted
by John Troughton< no role > & Henry Harpur< no role > Esqrs . two of his Mats. Justices of
the peace for this City & Liberty directed to all Constables & others
his Mats. Officers for the sd. City & Liberty whom the Same night
concern, requiring them upon Sight thereof to make diligent
Search in the House of Mary Ely< no role > This name instance is in set 1659. als Shafe in the parish of St.
Martin in ye. feilds in this Liberty & all other houses & parts that
they should suspect for disorderly persons as well Men as Women
& also all persons stroleing in the Streets at unseasonable hours,
which Warrant having no time limitted either for the execution
or return, His appeared before us, that Sampson Cooke< no role > & other
Constables of this Liberty have frequently under colour of the
Same Warrt. entered into Senall Taverns & other houses in this Liberty & taken
Senall Psons thereout contrary to Law, which psons have been carryed before Henry
< no role > Esqr . And further yt. the sd. Sampson Cooke< no role > lent ye. sd. Warrt. on Tuesday
the fifteen instant to John Cameron< no role > This name instance is in set 3121. Constable , by virtue of which he Searchs
the house of one Todd who keeps a publick house at Chairing Cross. And Upon
our puseing the Calendars of this Sessions of the peace held for this Libty of
the Persons comitted to the Goales of the Gatehouse & Bridewell there is not
less than 169 Persons comitted by him to Bridewell & tenn to the Gatehouse
and he has returned five & forty Recognizances to answer to this present Sessions.
And we are of Opinion that the greatest part of the Persons by him comitted
were comitted Under colour of the above or some such other illegall Warrt. to the
great Reproach & Dishonour of the Comission of the peace for this City & Liberty

Dated this ninth day of October 1725

Wm Burdon< no role >
Willm: Ellis< no role >

H:D:Colt< no role >
Willim: Gore< no role >
John Mohun< no role >
Allen Hollen< no role >

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