Westminster Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

October 1725

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Middx: ss
Westmr: ss

To all Constables & other his Majties. Officers
for the Sd: County & Liberty whome these may

Whereas Complaint upon Oath hath been made unto Us two
of his Majties. Justices of the peace for the County & Liberty
Aforesd: that Mary Ealey< no role > This name instance is in set 1659. als Share doth keep an Itt Governor
& Disorderly house Call'd Robinsons Coffea house at Charing
Cross in the Parish of St. Martins in ye feilds in ye County Aforsd
& Doth Entertaing Loose Idle Disorderly persons and woman
of Ill fame who Comitt Great Disorders in the sd. house to
ye Disturbance of the Neighbourhood These are therefore
in his Majties. Name to will & require You on Sight hereof
to make Deligint Search in the Sd: house & all other
houses or parts that You Shall Suspect Such Disorderly
persons As well men as Women to be harbour's or
Entertained in [..] or persons Shouling in the
Sheets At an Unseasonable hour & Given no Good Accd.
of them Selves and if Any Such You find on Your Sd:
Serch You forthwith Cause them to be Secured and
brought before us or one of us or Some other his Majties.
Justices of the Peace for the Sd: County or Liberty to be
Examined & Dealt with According to Law And hereof
faile Not Given under our hands & Seals this 28th Day
of April 1725

Jno: Broughton< no role > [mark]

Hen: Harpur< no role > [mark]

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