Westminster Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

October 1725

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An Estimate of ye Brickwork, Tyleing, & S [..]
wanted in ye Repaires at ye House of Correction in
Tothill Fields Westmr.

To erect a Scaffold, & to pull down, & rebaild, a Gable End, at [..]
West end of ye Dwelling House To Plaster ye Inside, & to ma [..]
ye Tiling to ye Same & to Strike down ye Scaffold, & mend ye [..]
by ye Same To make good ye Brickwork of ye Ward at ye Non [..]
Corner being Crackt from Top to Bottom To repair ye Pan [..]
ye Kitchen, Washouse & Cellar, To make good to a Shire, to [..]
Tyde out of ye Cellar To make a Scaffold to ye Garden Wait [..]
& to raise ye Said Wall One Foot & half & to carry up ye Slope [..]
North End with Brick To Clean & repair ye Well in ye Cellar [..]
make good ye Paving to ye Same To dig out ye Ground & to lay [..]
Foundation under ye Carpenters Work of ye Side Roomes & [..]
carry away ye Rubbish Etc.

Ye Expence of ye Abovemention'd Par [..]
will Amount to About
17.. [..]

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