Westminster Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

October 1725

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Brought Over 29:04:04

A New Oak Plank to lay over ye well
in the Celler} -:06:-

A Frough and Plugg for a Sluce to keep
the Water from over flowing ye Celler} - 15:-

4: fe. of Oak: 10 by 3: for a new Step to ye Cellar
door and work} - 03:-

10: St of Fence to ye garden to be mended- 07:06

A Coss pool to be made to keep ye Kitchen
from being Stunk by ye Common Sewer}- 02:06

Putting in a new Sill and mending the
Shop doors and window Shutts} -15:00


Blocks Beatles & Cloggs
as on the other Side

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