Westminster Sessions:
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July 1691

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To the Rt: Worll: their Majties: Justices of the
Peace at the Genll: Quarter Sessions holden in
Westmr: Hall for the City & Libty. of Westmr .

The humble Peticon of Elizabeth Rainshaw< no role > .


That yor. Petr: hath lived in ye Service of Mr. Scott
[son in law of Justice Newman] about one year & an half & has
been intrusted Severall times with Moneys & goods by her Mistress
to a Considerable; Value; But now lately their being Provision
of Coals brought into her said Masters house the Doors were sett
open for them to goe in & one at pleasure.

That ye prs. Mr: alleadging the lost Six Silver Spoons the same
day & 2 Watches, hath Charged yor. Petr. with ye same & caused her
to be comitted to Bridewell & has bound yor. petrs. Uncle also over to
appear before yor. Worpps as being a Confederate with her Notwithstanding
he is known to be an honest Sufficient Trades man of the parish of
Fulham in Middx & came not were yor. Petr. yet ye sd. Misstresse Scott
in ye night time cryd out her sd. Uncle was come to rob them, & caused
her husband to goe out of his house with 2 Pistolls in his hands to ye
Watch to Seek ye man that Intnbled at their door & it happened to be one
& their Neighbors; Now for as much as ye sd. Mrs. Scott hath heretofore
accused Secverall of her Servants for The ft (vizt.) one for a dog of a
hundred Guineas price & one other for thing afterwards found in her
own Closett & hath brought her Servants to disgrace when they were
not guilty; And yor. Petr. being bread up in ye. Country & hath no friends
alive but her sd. Uncle James Rainshaw< no role > , & being innocent of ye sd. Fact.

Your Petr. therefore humbly prays yor. Worpps will
be pleased strictly to examine the Circumstances
of ye sd. Matter wch. are too large to incert herein &

And yor. Petr. shall ever pray Etc

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