St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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We have granted Leases to the following persons

To Revd Joseph Pole< no role >
& Churchwardens &
Trustees of St. George's Parish

To the Revd. Joseph Pole< no role > Rector of the Parish of St. George
Southwark and Mr. Thomas Homersham< no role > Mr. Robert Hill< no role >
Mr. John Kesterton< no role > Churchwardens and Mr. Thomas Paice< no role >
Mr. William Davidson< no role > Mr. Samuel Dunbibin< no role > Mr. Henry
< no role > and Mr. George Gwilt< no role > Inhabitants of the same Parish
as Trustees for the Parish of the Piece of Ground in the front
of the Borough High Street adjoining the Church Yard on
which lately stood a House in the occupation of John
< no role > and of the two adjoining Houses in Shaw's Court for
a term of 99 years to commence Lady day 1790 at a
clear yearly Rent of 5 for the Piece of Ground to
commence from that time and a further clear yearly rent
of 5 when the Hospital should deliver up the possession
of the two Houses to commence from the time of the delivery
of such Possession which it is supposed will be in about 7
years time.

Morgan Gould< no role > .

To Mr. Morgan Gould< no role > of two Houses in the Old
Bailey (held by him under a Lease to John Drummond< no role >
for a term of 21 years which will expire at Midsummer
1795) for 21 Years from that time at a Rent of 20
per Annum clear of the Landtax and all other taxes
and deductions. Mr. Gould to expend at least 300 in
Repairs within the first three years of the term to the
satisfaction of the Hospital Surveyor and to insure at such
a Sum as the Surveyor shall think necessary.

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