St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 50 of 19728th July 1790

the first two years of the term to be done to the satisfaction
of the Hospital Surveyor and to insure at 1600..

To. Mr. Thos. Cope< no role >

To Mr. Thomas Cope< no role > of the Demesne lands of
the Manor of Crofton in Orpington and Farnborough
in the County of Kent containing about 346 Acres
(held by Mr. John Coates< no role > at a clear rent of 50..-
P Annm. under a lease which will expire at Lady.
day 1790) for 23 years and an half from that time
at a Rent of 190.. P Annm. clear of the Landtax and
all other taxes and deductions of allowances of any Kind
and under such Covenants for the management of the
Farm as shall be thought Proper by Mr. Dugleby
who has been employed by the Hospital to
Survey the same Mr. Coape to expend 105.. at least
in repairing the present Buildings to Mr. Dugleby's
approbation and to insure at 500..-

Lady Dacre permitted
to open a drain at

We have agreed that Lady Dacre shall be
permitted to open a Drain into the New Drain made
from the Hospital Estate at Alvethley and to continue
the same during the term of Mr. Joyners Lease she
Paying to the Hospital an Annual acknowledgement
of 10 Guineas.

Benjn. Pike< no role > appointed
Butler .

We have appointed Benjamin Pike< no role > the Porter
of the Front Gate Butler in the stead of John Bead< no role >

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