St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Report of Grand

To the Right Worshipful the General
Court of the Governors of St. Thomas's
Hospital .

We the Grand Committee appointed for the
management of the affairs of this Hospital do Report
our Proceedings therein since the last Annual General
Court held the 29th. day of July 1789.


We have granted Leases to the following Persons Vizt.

To Mr.Thos. Hartley< no role >

To Mr. Thomas Hartley< no role > of a House in Budge
Row (at Present held under a Lease to Mr. Joseph
< no role > expiring at Lady day 1792 which is to be
surrendered at a rent of 58. P Annm.) for a term
of 23 years and s from Midsummer 1789 at a
Rent of 58.. P Annm. clear of the Landtax and all
other taxes and deductions Mr. Middleditch to expend
150.. at least in Repairs within the first two years
of the term and to insure at 1400..

To Mr.Henry Lampson
< no role >

To Mr. Henry Sampson Woodfall< no role > of a House
situated the corner of Ivy lane Pater Noster Row
in his own occupation (at present held by him under
a Lease which will expire at Michaelmas 1790.
at a clear rent of 70.. P Annm.) for 21 years from
that time at a Rent of 80.. P Annm. clear of the
Landtax and all other taxes and deductions Mr.
Woodfall to expend at least 200.. in repairs within

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