St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 44 of 19729th July 1789

Surveyor shall direct within the first three years of
the Term and to insure at 600..

New drain & Sluice
at Alvethley.

We have directed a New drain and Sluice to be
made from the Hospital Estate at Alvethly into the
Thames much shorter and less expensive than the Present

Messrs. Hebert
Hamerton & Greenough
agree to relinquish
a piece of lated
comprised in lease
agreed to be granted
to them

We having at a Meeting on the 2d. of March
1787 agreed to grant a Lease to Mr. James Hebert< no role >
Mr. Charles Hamerton< no role > and Mr. Thomas Greenough< no role >
of a Field called Quakers field at Hackney
containing about 8a..2r..8p. and of sundry pieces of
land lying in the Downs South Mill field and the
Marsh at Hackney containing together about
29a..2r..39p. heretoforeheretoforein lease to Messrs.
Bourke and Miller at a rent of 65..10s..P
Annum clear of the Taxes. Mr. Hamerton
attended us and agreed to relinquish as being
in dispute between the Hospital and other Person
and for other reasons then assigned one of the abw.
pieces of land containing two roods and nine
perches known in the Hospital plan as No. 30
and that the same should not be comprized
in the above Lease.

Treasr. empowered to
raise 1000. by sale
of funded property.

We have empowered and desired the Treasurer
of the Hospital to sell sufficient of the Hospital
property in the Funds to raise 1000.. for the
purposes of the Hospital.

We have ordered that no return be made

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