St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 21 of 19726th July 1786

Landtax and all other deductions the Tenant to expend
180. in repairs within the first two years of the
Term to keep the same in repair during the term
and to insure at 900.

Licence to Richd.
< no role >

We have granted a Licence to Richard
< no role > Tenant of a farm at Milton in Berks
under a lease of which about 15 years are
unexpired at a rent of 100.. to assign the same
to William Heath< no role > of Milton the Hospital agreeing
to allow Mr. Heath 200.. towards rebuilding a
Stable and other repairs to be done to the
approbation of the Hospital Agent and any
Timber which may be cut upon the farm for the
Repairs to be valued and the value to be considered
as a part of the 200.

Mistake in Mr.
Spackman's lease

Mr. Spackman Tenant under a Lease
from the Hospital of a piece of Ground in Mare
Street Hackney called Westfield applied to the
Committee to rectify a mistake therein the Lease
being granted for a term of 51 years from Michas.
1771 with a Covenant from the Governors at any
time after the expiration of the first 21 years of the
Term upon the request and at the expence of
the said Mr. Spackman to demise to him the above
Premises for a further term of 21 years to commence
from the expiration of the said first 21 years Upon
the terms therein mentioned instead of which such
further term should as Mr. Spackman alledged

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