St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

28th July 1784 - 4th July 1832

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Image 2 of 19728th July 1784

St. Thomas's
Hospital }

At the Annual General
Court held at the said Hospital
on Wednesday the 28th. day of
July 1784 in the presence of
Edward Jeffries< no role > Esq. . Treasurer

John Bates< no role > Esq. : Alderman Mr. Henry Keene< no role >
Mr. Peter Auber< no role > James Haughton Langston< no role > Esq. .
Mr. John Baker< no role > Esq. .Joseph Paice< no role > Esq. .
John Bilchier< no role > Esq. .Cecil Pitt< no role > Esq. .
George Brough< no role > Esq. .John Platt< no role > Esq. .
Mr. George Evans< no role > Giles Rooke< no role > Esq. .
Mr. Henry Flagman< no role > Mr. William Viner< no role >
Mr. Jacob Hagen< no role > Mr. John Wells< no role >
Mr. John Hemming< no role > John Yerbury< no role > Esq. .

The Minutes of the last General Court held
the 12th. day of May last more read and confirmed.

The Report of the Grand Committee of their
proceedings since the last Annual General Court
was read and is as follows.

Report of Grand

To the Right Worshipful the
General Court of the Governors
of Saint Thomas Hospital.

We the Grand Committee appointed for the

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