St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th July 1736 - 12th May 1784

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Image 23 of 58419th July 1738

P ann clear Rent & One hundred pounds Fine he to surrender
the present Lease whereon is about 13 years to come & to rebuild
the said House in a Substantial manner Which Agreement is
subject to the Approbation of the General Court


We have Granted to Thomas Smith< no role > a Lease of the two
Farmes & of three Acres called Longbacks (late held by William
< no role > & after by Daniel Skingle< no role > ) at Parndon in Essex
for Twenty one years from Michaelmas 1738. at 86..10.. P ann
dear. Rent

Grand to the Governors
Mr. [..] Hospital

We have Granted to the President & Governors of the
Hospital founded at the sole Costs & Charges of Thomas
< no role > Esqr . (by virtue of a Power granted to us by the General
Court of the 29th. of March last) a Lease of the Ground & buildings
in this Parish describ'd in a Plann annexed to the said Lease for
a Term of 982 years from Midsumer 1738 at Sixty pounds
P ann clear Rent and Six hundred Pounds Fine

Granted to James Steere

We have Granted to Mr. James Steere< no role > a Lease of two
Houses in St. Thomas's Parish for a Term of 51 years from
Christmas 1738 at 3. P ann clear Rent and he to build
One or Two Substantial Brick Houses upon the same Ground
within the two first years of the said Term.

Grant to Richd Warter

We have Granted to Richard Warter< no role > a Lease of a House
in the Old Bailey for 21 years from Michaelmas 1738 at 5 P ann
dear Rent and 80 Fine.

Grant to John Beck

We have Granted to John Beck< no role > a Lease of three Houses in
the Old Baily & Fleet Lane for 21 years from Midsumer 1738.
at 14. P ann clear Rent & 100 Fine & he to lay out 200 in
substantial Repairs.

Grant to Ann Smeathman

We have Granted to Ann Smeathman< no role >
a Lease of a House in the Old Baily ( late in Lease to Ralph
< no role > Esqr for 21 years from Midsumer 1738 at 8 P ann
dear Rent & 50. Fine & she to lay out 120 in substanl. Repair

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