St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

7th July 1736 - 12th May 1784

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Image 13 of 58413th July 1737

Joseph Fawthrope< no role > , Ebenezer Mussell< no role > Esqrs. Mr. Starkey Mayo< no role > , Dr.
Charles Cotes< no role > , Mr. Timothy Hollis< no role > Capt. James Winter< no role > , Mr. John
< no role > , Samuel Collit< no role > Esqr. Mr. Thomas Chitty< no role > Francis Wollaston< no role >
Joshua Baker< no role > , and Denham Hammon'd< no role > Esqrs.

All which we submitt to the Judgment of this
Worshipful Court.

13th. July 1737

Charles Joye< no role > Trear Nathaniel Foche< no role >
Nathaniel Garland< no role > George Baker< no role >
Samuel Lesingham< no role > John Hollister< no role >
Benjamin Mee< no role > Richard Howard< no role >
Nathaniel Newnham< no role > Junr James Gaultier< no role >
James Lamborn< no role > Jacob Sawbridge< no role >
John Hayward< no role > Peter Theobald< no role >
Richard Clay< no role > Lewis Way< no role >

And the said Proceedings are approved and all the Orders
therein mentioned are confirmed And the Grand Committee are
impower'd to execute & perform the Agreements mention'd to have
been made And the said Report is ordered to be entered in the
Reportory of the Proceedings of this Court And the Gratuity
to the Steward thereby recommended is ordered to be paid by Mr.

The Treasurer's Account for the year ending
at Lady day 1736 which hath been duly Audited being presented to this
Court was approved & allowed.

Subscriptions being recomended
by Mr. President towards defraying the great Charge & Expence of the
Hospital The Gentlemen after named were pleased to Subscribe the
following Sums vizt.

Dr. John Bettesworth< no role > 50
Samuel Collitt< no role > Esqr. 50
John Fullerton< no role > Esqr. 50
Josiah Wordsworth< no role > Esqr 50
Mr. Humphry Bell< no role > 30
Ambrose Page< no role > Esqr 50
Sr; John Lock< no role > Knt 50
Capn. James Winter< no role > 40
James Lever< no role > Esqr. 50
Mr. John Wightman< no role > 50

Mr. Joseph Smith< no role > 50 -
Mr. John Rawlinson< no role > 50 -
Mr. Thomas Chitty< no role > 31.10
John Raymond< no role > Esqr. 50 -
Mr. Starkey Mayo< no role > 50 -
Joshua Baker< no role > Esqr. 50 -
Harry Gough< no role > Esqr 50 -
Peter Burrell< no role > Esqr. 50 -
Edward Haistwell< no role > Esqr 50 -

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