St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

20th February 1678 - 16th July 1735

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Upon reading whereof The Court referred to the Comittee the consider-
-racon of the Severall cases of the Said Severall Psons, and the Comittee
is desired to Treate with them concerning the is building of their
Severall houses, and to report what is fitt to be graunted to them and
every of them by increase of years for encouraging them to build with
Brick, But this Court doth resolve that they will not give any increase
of yeares to any the Tenants aforesaid that will not become obleged
to build all dwelling houses with brick, and likewise the Sides of
all Shedds or Ware houses which are next or towards any comon passage
or contiguous to any With brick

Psons [..] to the

Collonll: Tompson, Mr: Samuel Berry< no role > , Mr. Brown Smith, Mr. Holden
Mr: Edwd: Palmer< no role > , and Mr: Evan LLoyd< no role > , are added to the said Committee
and the Quoram declared to be Seaven

Gor: Reeve
[..] umor
his grt.

Finr. 15th

It is Ordered according to the report of the said Comittee, That in
consideracon of the Sum of fifteene pounds to be paid in hand as a
Fine by John Reeve< no role > Junr : now our Tenant of a Tenemt: in the Pish
of St. Thomas late Richard Floates< no role > by Lease which expires at Chras
1685 and in consideracon he new build the Same, hee shall have a new Lease
thereof for Forty one yeares from Chras 1685 aforesaid: or For Forty five
yeares from Chras next at his owne election at the present Rent of forty
Shillings and foure Shillings for Tythe

Ann [..]

At this Court Ann Horton< no role > was appoynted an Assistant to the Sister of
Abrahams Ward having given evidence of her good deportment in that
Employment about three years past.

Tho: Weldens

Ordered according to the report of the Comittee That upon Tho:
< no role > and Anne< no role > his wife late called Ann Pratt< no role > their Surrender of
a Lease made to John Pratt< no role > her former husband of an house in Newgate
-Markett London Wherein betweene tenn and Eleaven years is to come
at the rent of £xxxj: P Annu, There shall bee a New Lease made to
them the said Welden and his wife of the said Tenement for Eleaven
years from Midsomer last past at the yearly rent of Twenty pounds
and not more, And that the said Welden shall pay but twenty pounds
P Annu for the said house from midsumer 1680. And all arreared
charged in the Accompt as due before midsumer 1680. Shalbee
comitted and discharged out of the accompt, the said John Pratt< no role > being dead insolvent
and a great part of that arreare is accrewed by charging the Rent at £xxxj: a
yeare in the Rentall when it was intended in regard of the gennerall Sinking
of Rents there hee Should pay and accordingly did pay but after the rate of
£xx. P Annu for many years past and yet the Eleaven pounds Still continued
and carried over Annually as arreare.

Steph: Harris< no role >
his graunt}

Fine [..]

It is alsoe Ordered according to the report of the said Comittee That in
consideracon of the sum of Tenn pounds to be paid by Stephen Harris< no role > as a fine
and his paying of the sum of Nine pounds Eighteen Shillings Owing by
William Bryan< no role > the former tenant for arrears of Rent: There Shalbee a Lease
made to the said Stephen Harris< no role > of a Tenement in St: Thomas Parish
Southwarke wherein hee liveth (Except soe much thereof as he holds of
Francis Pound and Soe much formerly part of a Tenement in the tenure of
John Boone< no role > ) for the Terme of twenty and one years from Lady day last
at and under the yearly rent of Three pounds and Six Shillings for Tythe.

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