St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

20th February 1678 - 16th July 1735

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Margeric Gardners

Val: 80 P ann: Lease


Upon Reading of the reporte of the Comittee that have
lately Viewed the Farme of Hellions Humpstead in the County of
Essex held of this house by Mrs. Margery Gardner< no role > (the widdow of
Mr. William Gardner< no role > Gent deced) Whoe is a suiter for a new lease
of the said Farme to comence after the Expiracon of the Lease in
being which will expire at Michas 1683: And in regard it doth
appeare that her said lake husband did lay out a great sum of
monie in secureing the then Farme house which was in danger
of Falling and in adding severall Roomes thereunto and noe consideracon
[..] hath been hither to allowed for the same This Court was pleased
in respect thereof (although they Find according to the report of the said
Comittee the said Farme to bee of the cleare yearly Value of Eighty Pounds
P Annu at Least) to order that a new Lease be made unto the said Margery
< no role > of the said Farme for the Terme of one and twenty yeares comencing
from Michas one thousand Six hundred Eighty and three aforesaid at and
under the present yearly Rent of Twenty pounds; and for a Fine only of
Three hundred pounds to bee paid one hundred pounds in hand at the
ensealing of the said Lease and that to bee before Midsomer next And the
Two hundred pounds residue at Two Six months from thence following
by Equall payments.

Mr. Sowton

Ordered That Mr: Treasurer doe pay to Mr Sowton the Minister
of St: Thomas Parish the Sum of Tenn Pounds as a gratuity from
this Court for his diligent discharge of the ministry there.

Mr Oakes

The Place of Steward of this house being Vacayt by the decease
of Mr William Carter< no role > , And Mr. James Oakes< no role > , John Shallock< no role > , Sam
< no role > , Richard Finch< no role > and Francis Frances being Sevally
Suiters for the same; This Court made choyce of the said Mr. Oakes
to whom the said place is accordingly) graunted with the usuall Salary
and pquisitts To hold the same dureing his good behavioure and
the pleasure of the Majority of the Governours of this house.

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