St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

20th February 1678 - 16th July 1735

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Rowl: Berefford< no role >
addition yeares

Upon Reading the humble Peticon of Rowland Berrifford< no role >
our Tenant of the scite and Demesnes of the Mannor of Langlies
als Linsters in the Counties of Bucks and Hertford and upon consideracon
had of the losses hee hath Sustained in the premisses And in consideracon
that hee new build or repaire equivalent thereunto the Tenement or
Cottage on the premisses now much decayed And paying what Fine
hee owes in arreare, And Surrendering of his present Lease Wherein Twenty
one yeares was to come at Michaelmas last; It is ordered That a new Lease
of the same shal bee made to him for Eight and Twenty yeares from Michaelmas
last aforesaid at the put Rent of Fiftir pounds or to such other person as her [..] all assigne his

Sr Tho: Player
addicon yeares

Upon The request of Sr. Thomas Player< no role > And in consideracon of his
great Expence in building a Substantiall house and Stable by the Bowling
Greene in Hacknie and other good causes It is ordered that upon his
Surrender of the prsent Lease he hath of the Mannor and Lands of Shor:
-ditch Place in and about Hackny in the County of Middx Wherein
Sixteene yeares was to come at Michaelmas last There Shal bee a Non
Lease made unto him thereof or one and Twenty yeares from Lady day
next at the prsent Rent of Fifty Pounds P Annu; Whereupon [..]
said Sr. Thomas gave Tenn Guinees to the poores box [..]
a Lease for five yeares and an halfe to comence from the expiracon of the put Lease.

No Governor to take

It is Ordered That from henceforth no Governoure of this house
whilst a Governour by himselfe or any other for him Directly or indirectly
Shall take any Lease of any of the Lands or houses of this Hospitall

Mr Scotts resignacon
of St Tho: parish

Other suiters

At This Court and in open court Mr John Scott< no role > Minister of St. Thom [..]
parish Southwark resigned that place into the hands of this Court
from whom hee had received it And thereupon Doctr. Samuell Rolls< no role > , [..]
William Sowton< no role > Mr. John Goodwin< no role > and Mr. Zouch being Peticon
for the place of Minister of St. Thomas Pish aforesaid It is ordered the
every one of them in order as they are before named shall preach in the
morning on the foure next ensuing Lords Dayes; after which the Court
will Suddenly assemble to chuse a minister for the said parrish

Brooks & others
of the Coale pitts

20. allowed towards
Engines Etc

Whereas a graunt was latly made to Humphry Brookes and his brother
of a lease of the Coale delphs and Coale pitts in our Mannor of Tibshelfe
the County of Derby for one and Twenty yeares from Michas one thousand
Six hundred Seaventy and Six at the yearly Rent of Tenn Pounds for the first
three yeares and Twenty Pounds P Annu for the residue of the Terme for
which time the said Humphry Brookes< no role > and his brother having laid out a
said about one hundred pounds in digging and prepareing pitts and finding
difficulty in obtaining thereof and that soe much monies is requisite to capital
the business as they themselves are not able to disburse Did therefore propose
that Isaac Fentham< no role > , Thomas Haye, Richard Firth, and William Fell< no role > may be
Joyned with them in the said Lease and who are willing soe to bee in case [..]
Hospitall would allow the Sum of Twenty pounds in monie or the Value
Timber to be taken of the said Lands and imployed in the said Coale worked
and that a provisoe be inserted in the said Lease That in case at any time or [..]
dureing the Lease after they have disburssed Two hundred pounds above [..]
Rent the said coale delphs shall Faile or shall not answer the rent and Etc
aforesaid That then the tenants shall have Liberty at the end of Twelve mon [..]
after notice to throw upp the said Lease and the same to bee Voyd at the
of the said twelve moneths All which being considered by this Court [..]
Same was condiscended unto And ordered that the said Twenty pounds
shal bee allowed in monie and not in Timber towards the charge of the said Eng [..]
and that accordingly a Lease be forthwith made to all the said partyes

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