St Thomas's Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

20th February 1678 - 16th July 1735

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Image 1 of 45820th February 1678

A Gennerall Court held att Srt:

Thomas Hospitall the Twentith day of February 1677
In the presence of Sr. John Lawrence< no role > Knight and Aldran
Prident James Hayes< no role > Esqr Treasurer Sr. Edmund Turner< no role > Knt: Sr. Tho
Player Knt: Sr. Robert Knightly Knt: Francis Warner< no role > Nicholas
< no role > , Richard Howe< no role > , Elliss Crispe, John Coldham, John Freeman< no role >
William Daniell, Thomas Barker< no role > , James Reading< no role > , Silvester
< no role > , Henry Chitty< no role > , Peter Rich, Mathew Bateman, Webb,
Thomas Palhill, Esqr: Collott: Rosewell, Mr Pennell, Capt. Parke
Mr. Brett Mr Jekill Mr Hatchett, Mr: Ball, Mr. Tho: Mason
Mr. Doby, Mr. Clay, Capt: Lock Capt. Powell Mr. Emms, Mr
Morrice, Mr. Hawkins Mr. Roger Lock, Mr Withers, Mr. Lawson
Mr Edward Cooke< no role > , Mr. Alsop Mr Daniell Berry, Mr. Fellowes, Mr. Middleton
Mr. Clarke, Mr. Benjamin Collyer< no role > , Mr. Nathanll: Collyer, Mr. John
< no role > , Mr. Walker, Mr. Dept. Daniell Mr. Child Mr. [..] elke, Mr
Holden, Mr. Morger, Mr. Webb, Mr. Wickins Mr. Willi Potter,
Mr. Thomas Potter< no role > Mr. Goodfellow Mr. Aungeire, Mr. Sheppard
Mr. Hugh Mason< no role > , Capt: Bromhall, Mr. Samll: Berry, Mr.
Hinton, Mr. Dept. Smith Mr. Henshaw, Mr. Taylor, Mr.
Humphryes, Mr. Bowden, Mr. Crayker, Mr. Cox, Mr. Lucas
Mr. Bromly, Mr. John Smith< no role > , Mr Hen: Powell Mr. Marsh
Mr. William Cibbs, Mr. Thorner, Mr Reeves, and Mr. Rawlins
Governors of the said Hospitall

And after the reading and confirmacon of the Orders and business
of the last Court. It was ordered as Followeth (Vizt.)

Mr Hinton
2 yeares Rent

Mr. Anthony Hinton< no role > appeared and acquainted the Court That the
house hee holds of this Hospitall in the Old Bayly London was much
damaged and almost destroyed by Fire about Two yeares fince, and
hee hath repaired it to his Expence of about Two hundred pounds (which
was alsoe reported by some that late by veiwed it) Whereupon it was
Ordered (with his consent) That Two yeares Rent which his referred
for the house to the Hospitall shal bee remitted and allowed to him in
respect of the said Losse by the said Fire

Mr Thurland
20. Grat

Ordered According to the report of the Comittee That Twenty
Pounds bee paid to Mr Charles Thurland< no role > in sattisfaccon for his
paines and Medicines for and about all Patients under his Cure
untill the time hee was discharged from practising on patients
in this house

Jon Russells< no role > grt.
Fine 22.

It is Graunted That a Lease bee made to John Russell< no role > of that
one of the Tenements in Checker Ally in Southwarke which hee holds of as
by lease Expireing at Midsomer 1679: for the Terme of one and twenty
yeares comening from the Expiracon of the said old lease at the prsent
rent of Forty) Shillings And for the Fine of Two and Twenty pounds
to bee paid of Sealing this new graunted Lease.

Peter Laurences< no role >

Fine 25

Alsoe That upon Peter Lawrence< no role > his payment of the Fine of five and
Twenty Pounds with Six) monthes ensuing there shall bee a Lease made
to him of a Tenement in St. Thomas Pish Southwarke he now holds of [..] by
Lease made to Tho: Rayner< no role > which ends at our Lady day 1680 for the Terme of one and twenty yeares
concerning at our Lady day 1680: aforesaid when the said old Lease Expires
And at the prsent Rent of Forty Shillings and Foure shillings for Tythe

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