St Thomas's Hospital:
Minute Books of Courts and Committees

6th November 1724 - 29th July 1746

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to be indulged with the same advantages
for the future as the other Officer of the
House enjoy, And be allowed a Gratuity
to alleviate his former disadvantage

The Consideration of the said Petition
is deferr'd till the next Grand Committee

Green Staves to
James Gambier< no role > Esqr by Mr Ruck
Mr William Reynolds< no role > by Mr R. Howard

Tho Holder< no role >

Mr. Willm. Holder< no role > , Son of Thomas Holder< no role >
attended & represented that the said Thos.
< no role > is fallen into great poverty and
that the bargan made by him with this Hospital for
the president Lease or Agreement was very hard
And Offer'd divers reasons for eating the debt
due from him to the Hospital which the Committee
having Consider'd do agree to accept an Assignment
of the Crop now upon the farm in Satisfaction
of the debt due from the said Thomas Holder< no role > , He
the said Tho. Holder releasing the Present Lease
or Agreement by which the said farm is now

Robt. Hayes< no role >

Agreed with Robert Hayes< no role > , of Comberton
to let him a Lease of the farm now in the
Occupation of Mr Holder for 21 Years from
Lady day last at 70 P Ann rent The Hospl
to put the building into good tenantable repairs
and then the said Hayes to keep the repairs except
in Case of Fire or Extraordinary Tempe [..]

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