St Thomas's Hospital:
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13th December 1704 - 6th November 1724

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Image 50 of 37914th February 1707

Grand Comittee. Ven: 28o: Febr

Trear .

Minutes of last Grand Comittee Read &

Mr: Trear Reported from the Sub Comittee appointed to
View the Land held by Mrs. Cook in Hackney Marsh
That they had Viewed the same, and find it to
be poor & yeilds little profitt by the Grasse, by
reason of the frequent Overflowings, and they find,
that other persons Plow their Lands lyeing in the
same Marsh, and are of Opinion, that if [..]
Mrs: Cook have leave to plow the Two parcells of
Land lyeing in the sd March containing about
Twelve Acres as desired by her Son at the Comittee
the 14th: instant it will be no prejudice of the Land. Whereupon this Comittee considering
the Matter, and hearing Mr: Cook touching the same
Doe give Lycenee to the sd Mrs: Cook to Plow
up the sd Two Parcells of Land [..] this present
yeare and the Two following Years but no longer
She then laying the same downe & Sowing it
with Rye Grasse for the Remainder of the Terme
to come in her Lease, which the sd Mr. Cook
promised should be done accordingly.

Ordered that Inquiry be made whether
Mr. Foreman our Tennt: of some Land & Houses
in Hackney hath laid out 800: in Buildings
according to the Covenants in his Lease.

Ordered that [..] the New Crosse Building in the
First Court be forthwith plaistered Glazed and
Fitted up and Mr. Trear is desired to give
direccons. for the Doeing thereof.

This Comittee considering the great Charge
of Recr & Ale used in this Hospitall. which

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