St Thomas's Hospital:
List of Governor Takers-In of Patients

25th January 1690 - 25th December 1765

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Image 132 of 3353rd March 1705

Takers in of Poor

[..] 14 Saturday
Thursday 19

Edmd: Boulter< no role > Esqr
Mr. Jonathan Lee< no role >
Mr: Jno: Guy< no role >
Mr: Richd. Mount< no role > }
Stewards for ye first Months

Novemb: 11

Mr: Tho: Cooper< no role >
Mr: Robt: Wakeman< no role > failed


Pelatia Barnardiston< no role > Esqr
Mr: Josha. White< no role > }
Stewards for ye 2d: Moneth

Decemb. 9

Mr: Edwd Fenwick< no role > dead
Mr: Richd. Haley< no role > dead
Mr: Wm. Parrott< no role >
Mr: Richd. Wilkinson< no role > }
Stewards for ye 3d: Month

All Takers in of Poor for 3: months
ending ye: 4th: January 1704/5

Takers in of Poor

[..] n. 6: Saturday
Thursday. 11th.}

John Billers< no role > Esqr:
Mr. Samll. Newbery< no role >
Mr. Thos: Ellis< no role >
Mr. John Trollope< no role > }
Stewards for ye: 1st: month

Febry: 3d.

Mr. Francis Levett< no role > . dead
Mr. Nat: Micklethwait< no role >
Mr. Willm Sheppard< no role >
Mr. Willm Fisher< no role > }
Stewards for ye. 2d. moneth

March: 3d.

Mr. John Read< no role >
Mr. Edmd Prideaux< no role > dead
Mr. Jonath: Joyner< no role > dead
Mr. John Thompson< no role > }
Steward for the third month

All Takers in of Poor for 3 month
ending the 29 March: 1705

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