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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 21 of 18411th October 1799

"-mened by our Agents for when Light can any one here throw
"upon it. As to Melwends business that should taken to his to Course

I have given you the Treasurer Sentiments in his own
Word but not his Authority; her as Mr. Harrison who has
been spoken to, does not altogether think will him, the
Matter must Probable be discussed in a Committee before
you can receive full directions; in the mean Time of any
Thing further arises to ce [..] you in your Opinion as to the
but Scheme for the Committee to adops respectg the Colling,
you well be do good as to communicate it.

I am Ser Your mo. obed Sert
J. B.

Mr. W. Cox near the White Horse, Bow
St. Thomas's Hospital 26th Octr. 1799

Mr. Cox

I am directed by the Treasurer of this Hospital to write
to you again respecting the Payment of half a year rent
due at Michmas as for the Premises you held under Mr. Wingfield
at Bow. When your Wife, a little while age, brought the
Lady day Rent, she pleaded the Hardness of the Times, a large
family & some Promise made, by Mr. Wingfield to make you
an Abatement. All these Things may be strictly true but
Mr. Whas pur it out of her own Power, & out of the Power
of others to take your Case into Consideration, & this Hospital
has suffered so much by him, that the Treasurer is enjoined
to make the most of his Property, & has no Power to give
up a Tittle of it. The Treasurer as now out of Town but
will be her by the 15th. of next Month. By that Time I
hope you will be ready with your Rent & will not fail
to bring it.

I am your humble Servt:
J. B.Rev

NB. Mr. Wing field, other Tenant & Streetford has paid up to
Write again 20, Novr. 1799.

The Revd. W. Marshall Cambridge


St. Thomas Hospital 30th. Octr. 1799.

In the Absence of Mr. Treasurer I do myself the Pleasure
of acknowledging the Receipt of your Letter to know of the 28th.
covering your dress for 200 as 14 days ses [..] Jas Eldah & Co. which at
Maturity will be placed to you Credit. I wonder not, under
the Circumstances of the Times, & the Regulation not being a
palasable one, that you do not find the Tenants all ready
with then Rents; but a little Purseverance will being them into
Order, & when once [..] ted, Punctuality in their Payments
will be as pleasant to themselves as at will be desirable to the
Hospital. By the Time of your next Remittance I expect Mr.

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