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2nd March 1775 - 18th December 1807

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Image 11 of 1841st June 1799

Mr. Kidder


I think it necessary to inform you that
a grand Committee last Friday year application for
raising Sr. Foin for Sake was taken into consideration
when it was resolved, that it wd not be a [..] on any
consideration. was willing to given you early noting to present
your taking any mean [..] for being it:

I am
Your most hble Servt:

12th: May 1796.

Mr. Joseph Stone< no role > , Pinner Park farm , Harrow , Middlesex
Mr. Stone, Sir Sr. Thomas Hospital 30th. May 1799.

I am directed by the Grand Committee to require the
immediate Payment of your rent to Amas lart, & never to
suffer any Arrear of longer standing, that as, Rent due at
Ann as must be paid on or before the Middle of June, so for
any other Quarter: two Insurances are also to be paid, the
first 17.11.8 for 7 years which capered in 1797 It 17.19.6
for 7 year which will capere in 1804 together 35.11.2
whether this is [..] to Mr. Wingfield Negligence or your
Forgetfulness near a or till but neither of them appear to
have been paid, & both still stand charged to your Account.
I am Sir Your horable Servt. E.J.

Mr. Benja Chambers< no role > , Tibshelf , Mansfield , Notts
Mr. Chambers Sir St. Thomas, Hospital 1st June 1799

As Mr. Cromwell has totaly wrote to you fully about
Milwards business, nothing remain for our further than if
the Matter can be settle amicably one would not stand for
Tusler, as the forme Tune not by any Means to le [..] hold.
I have not answered Melwards Letter Supposing where Mr.
Cromwell may have said to be out [..]

I laid before the Grand Committee your presence Reasel
for Tibshelf: we have that [..] if your Judgement to be
satisfied you have denefer the beat. I am duly [..] that the [..] as
Conducted should have any ways logged it

I am sir Your [..] Servt.

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