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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 154 of 20715th February 1763

Nov. 9th. 1762

Mr. Pigram
Yours of the 7th inst. has been laid before Mr.
Treasurer, who has directed me to acquaint you, that he
is greatly displeased with it, and will by no means
consent to the granting you another Month, He has
further directed me to tell you, that he expects your
compliance with my Letter to you of the 30 [..] . And
that if you shall fail in the least respect thereof, the
Consequence to You will be such, as cannot but be
attended with the most disagreeable circumstance,
It will be in vain for you to attempt any alteration in
his Sentiments, by Writing or otherwise, as he will not
hear of any thing, that shall be wrote to him, for this

I am Etc

at Pamdon Essex

Febry 15th. 1763

Yours of the 12th inst. has been laid before the Grand Comee
held this day, when after having taken the same into Conside-
ration, consented to Grant You a Lease for 21 Years from the
Expiration of your present Lease, at the same Rent, and the
Allowance of one year's next Rent towards Repairs, But before
the said Allowance can take place, it is expected that the
Bills, with proper Receipts for Building your Stable & laying
the new plants in the [..] thing place, be produced at the
Compting, House, to the full of what is to be allowed, And
further the Gentlemen of the Committee desire that you will
take at the Carr imaginable that the Work be well performed,
and done with good and sound Materials. The above is in
live of every thing, so that you are by no means to Cut down any
of the small Timber, the Allowance ever & above what you
desired, is thought by the Commee to be more than an Equivalent

I am Sir Etc

To Mr. Cha. Holder< no role >
at Comberton near

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