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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 53 of 20717th July 1750

Augst: 2d: 1750

I have yrs of 30th July last informing that the Floor of
the new Barn is become loose occasion'd by the Vermins raking the
Sand from under it I have Mr. Treasurer's Orders to wife for
Answer That He apprehends there is no Necessity for Joysts to
secure the Floor and that the Sand ye Boards may be made good
and new laid at as very small Expence, which by no Means belongs
to the Hospital to bear, as Mrs. Aldwin approved of the Manner
of doing it and by his Agreemts. was obliged to keep every thing in
RepairMr. Rudd called here in April last (the only time I
ever saw him) and paid the half year's Rent due at Michs 1749
And if you'll please to let me know whether the Lease is to be
made in yrs. & Mr. Rudd's names as Exrs. of Mr. Aldwin or only
one of them and which, I will acquaint our Clerk with it, that
the Lease may be drawn as soon as possible

To Mrs. Mary Crosier< no role > at Pinners Middsex

I am Etc


Mr. Taylor
From yrs of the 2d. of June last I had conceiv'd some
hopes that you realy intended to pay off yr. long Arrears of Rent
but as you have feil'd in paying the 20.. at Midsr. last according
to yr. Promise in that Letter the Gentleman are determen'd to
take such Methods, for the Recovery of the Rent due from you
to the two Charities, as the Law directsAnd I would advise you
to make over the Note of 50. you mentions, to Mr. Barringer
their Agent And give such Security for the remainder as may
prevent any further Troubleyou will find by this that I am

To Mr John Taylor< no role > at Eltisley Camb

Yr. Friend J:W:

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