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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 51 of 20712th June 1750

June 12th: 1750

Mr Blake
Mr. Matthew Ashley< no role > of Hillindon left here
very lately as Bill of Thatching work done at Pinner Park by Thos.
< no role > in the year 1748 by yr. Orders amounting, in the whole to
5..13..3 where of her has recd: in park 2..7 and has wrote and Order on
the Bill to pay the remaining 3..6..3 to the sd. Mr. Ashley
But in order to know whether the above be anjust Demand, Mr Treasurer
desires your will send an Accots. how much Thatching was done on the
Hospl. Farme, at what Pice & by whom, that what Money is due
may be pd. without say further Delay

I am Etc JW:

To Mr John Blake< no role > Carpenter at Pinner Middsex

June 16th

Mr: Blake
I recd. yrs. of the 14th. inst. and find by the Accot. you send me
that Reddens work comes to but 4..19.. which is 14s..3d lass than
his Bill, which St have sent your inclosed Mr. Treasurer
desires you will pay him the remainder of his Bill according to
yr. Accot. and settle with Edwd. Long< no role > the other Thatcher & pay
him what you know is due, as also Smith for his day's work
& likewise Henry Ezard< no role > for withs Rodds & Staves if you
are satisfied with the Justness of their DemandsI would
have sent yo. the Money if I knew by what Conveyance, but
apprehend Mrs. Croseer will advance so much for the Hospl.
which will be allowed in the next Rent, or if you pay it
yrs. self, it shall be remitted by any Persons bringing yr. Order with
the Workmans Recets
I am Etc JW:

To Mr. John Blake< no role > at supra

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