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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 22 of 20727th January 1746

Feb 11th: 1746

Mr: John Cahuae< no role >

Mr: Bowler Miller< no role > being about to Quit his House in
Spread Eagle Court in Finch Lane & also that next adjoyning which
last House Yor. Brother Zackary< no role > held of the Govrs : of St: Thomas's
Hospital by a Lease which expired sometime since, I hereby
acquaint you as Representative of yor: said Bror: that unless
you cause the Wall that Divides the two Houses & which has been
pulled down To be made good forthwith you with be sued upon the
Covenants of the Lease

Signed by Mr. Morse
To Mr: Cahuae at Norton Falgate

March 28: 1747.

Mr: Hayes of Comberton having apply'd to the Comees for a
Dove house, the Govrs. have been pleased to comply with his request & order'd
that the whole Expence of building it should not exceed 50. Mr Treasurer
has order'd me to [..] acquaint you, Sr: that He should think himself greatly
obliged, if you would please to undertake the Direction of it, & agree with
Workmen to set about it as soon as you think fit.
To Walter Serocold< no role > Esqr : at Cherry hinton Camb .

March 28: 1747.

By Mr Treasurer's Order I am to acquaint you, that the Grand Comee
held on Tuesday last, the 24th inst. have agreed to let Mr: Joseph Brooks< no role > the
2 Acres of Coal in Mrs. Hand's Land called then new Close for 100.. one half to
be paid on signing the Articles & the other half in [..] twelve, months, that the
time for working & carrying off the same & levelling the Ground again shall,
not exceed 3 years, according to the proposal in yr. Letter of 25th. Janry last, &
Mr: Treasr. desires You will get some, proper Person in the Country to draw
up an Agreemt: for Mr: Brooks to sign, containing the above Articles, as
likewise those of his paying Mr. Hand the Rent of the Land settling the
price of Coals to the Hospl Tents. and send it Mr: Treasr: for his Posal
before it be Executed

To Mr. Eleazer Haywood< no role > at Newton near Mansfd . Nottinghams

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