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15th December 1742 - 27th August 1768

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Image 7 of 2072nd August 1744

St: Thomas's Hosptl: Janry: 19th: 1744

The time of examining the Hospl: Accots: drawing near, and
the very particular Notice which was taken of yor: large Arrear
by the Govrs: when they Audited the last Accots: prevails with me to give
yo this trouble; being certain that if you knew what was said
on that Occasion, you would never suffer such an Arrr: to appear
before them again

To Mr: Henry Wankford< no role >
at Rickmersworth Hertfords

I am Etc J: W:

Feb: 19th: 1744.

Mr: Knock
Mr: Sankey has wrote to Mr Treasurer desiring
that some Timber might be ordered him for a Barn Floor which, he says,
has not been new laid for 31 years past, & that this is the best time for
cutting down Timber for that use. Mrs Treasurer therefore desires
that you will inform yourself of the particulars, & after you have
directed proper Timber for that purpose, that you will immediately
give an Account thereof to him.

At Chilham near Canterbury

J: W:

April 5th: 1745.

Mr: Collin
Mr: Treasurer recd: yours of the 1st: inst: And by this Order
I lay'd that part of it, containing yor: Complaints, before the Doctors; whose
Opinion You will find in Mr: Pearce's Letter inclos'd. Mr: Treasurer
would reather have the Repairs look'd after by yor: self, if you could do it
without Prejudice to yor: health, but if you camelot, He desires you with give
Mr: Surrett directions about them, & that you will take an opportunity,
as often as you can, of seeing how he goes on.

I am
J: W:

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