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8th February 1717 - 24th November 1743

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Image 70 of 1669th April 1733

Sherborn Lane
[..] 9 April 1733

Your arrear being so large and you so
frequently disappointing the Governors in their
expectations given by your promises I am now
to acquaint you that I have directions to put you only
this time more in mind of this matter before I
proceed to measur is the Governors are very avirse

I am Sr. Your Etc
Tho. Matthew< no role >

To Thomas Holder< no role > Esqr .
at Comberton near

Mr. Collins10 April 1781
The Governors thank you for your care and
Notice of the bad behaviour of Wollard

Pray go imediatly to the Workmen who
are felling or Copping any trees on Wollards
farm and acquaint them they will be sued
imediately if they don't leave that Work, And
get the best account you can what forgots or
Wood has been disposed of & what is now on
the Ground And let me hear from you as
soon as you canI am Etc Tho. Matthew< no role >

To Mr. Joshua Collins< no role > at Parndon

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