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8th February 1717 - 24th November 1743

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Image 26 of 1661st June 1723

St. Thomas's Hospital 1 o. June 1723

Mr. Skingle

I find by the Accot: brought up by Mr Mead, That Mr Brett has
received 27. and you 45.4s:4d out of Mr Goldstons
Effects. Mr Brett has paid the 27:10s: long since. I must
desire you woud returne the 45.4s:4d. as soon as you
can: And let me know what Charges you have been at
in pelacon to the Goods, and what Mr. Brett has laid out, that
so I may draw up a Note of the whole Charges. of the
Rent there is only 9:5:2. unpaid. It is now a proper
time to have the Hay Sold; If Mr. Goldstone thinks he can
dispose of it better than you, Upon Paying this 9:5s.2d
and leaveing Effects enough to answer the Charges, you may
lett him have the Hay to carry to Markett. Otherwise you
are desired to Send as much Hay to markett as will Raise
the remainder of the Rent and Charges. Pray done
lett this Oppertunity for Selling the Hay be slipt.
Lett him have notice of this Letter presently; And if he
don't bring the money the next day, Lett the Hay So
much of it as is necessary be sent up and Sold.

I am Sr. Etc T.W.

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