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8th February 1717 - 24th November 1743

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Image 11 of 1668th February 1717

St: Thomas's Hospll: 8o: Febr. 1717 :

Mr: Serocold.

Sr : Mr: Edward Hancock< no role > was this Week with
Mr. Trear to Pray an Assignmt. of Timber for
his Repaires at Teversham. Mr. Treasurr.
does not know any Person in the Neighbourhood
so propper to be Intrusted in this Affair as your
selfe, And therefore desires the Favour of
you to Consider what Quantity may be really
Wanted and to make an Assignmt. accordingly.
He doubts not but you'll do it wth: as much
good husbandry for the Hospll: as You care.
Be pleased to send an Accompt of the Quantity
you think needfull to be Allowed, And how
Many Trees and where Growing, you
assigne him for it. I am, wth: Respects to yor.
good Mother & Selfe.

To Mr. Walter Serocold< no role >
at Cherry Hinton near
Cambridge .

Sr: Yor. humb: Servt.
Tho: Wright< no role > .

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