Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

September 1790

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Sepulchre Sess. 1790

Price Powell< no role > HigginbothamMr Hyde
Sarah Johnson< no role > Mattw Skeal< no role > 3 Weeks YesterdayMr Walker
James Tobin< no role > Bat TobinMarch last MondayLitchfield St
Mary Scott< no role > Thomas Scarr< no role > Fortnight sinceMr Staples
Francis Calvert< no role > Samuel Cook< no role > & Jas Dunn< no role > 16th. AugtMr Addington
Ann Weston< no role > Rd. Stangroomabt 3 weeksMr Greene
Mary Proctor< no role > This name instance is in set 4558. This set is in the group(s): . William Proctor< no role > abt 6 weeksMr Blackb [..]
Alexander Camell< no role > Samuel Cammeron< no role > abt 3 weeksMr Staples
James Moor< no role > ePetr Gannaway< no role > Fortnight last ThursdayMr Walker
Harriot Sugar< no role > John Sugar< no role > abt 3 weeksDo.
Richard Suthenwood< no role > Robt. Templeton< no role > abt 1 MonthMr Reid
John Harrison< no role > Samuel Josephs< no role > Mr Smith
Alxar Buckery Mises Benjaminabt. 3 weeks [..]
Elizabeth Peaccey< no role > Fras. Peachey< no role > Mr Greene
Elizabeth Rederick< no role > John White< no role > [..]
Catherine Launder< no role > Robert [..] [..]
William Holly< no role > BestMr Walker
Jemima Shilfox< no role > Mr Reid
John Hob< no role > John Best< no role > Fortnight ApMr Walker
John Hall< no role > Henry Alchin< no role > Six Weeks sinceMr Reid

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