Middlesex Sessions:
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April 1786

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And it is farther recommended by this Court to the said Justices not to sign any Vagrant-Pass
without Oath first made before them, or the Confession of the Party, that an Act of Vagrancy have
been committed, and upon such Proof, if the Party so accused be a sturdy Beggar, or shall appear
to be a counterfeit Object of Distress, the Justice is desired to order such sturdy Beggar or Counterfeit
to be publickly whipped, and to take the Examination of such Vagrant in Writting upon Oath
touching the Place of his or her Settlement, and transmit it to the next Sessions to be recorded, in
order to prove such Vagrant an incorrigible Rogue, upon his or her Commission of the like Offence
after such Punishment.

But where such Vagrant shall appear to be a real Object of Compassion, that the Justice would
commit him or her to Bridewell , and in the Commitment order the Imprisonment to be till the
next Sessions, unless sooner passed, when the Justice may, upon sending down the Pass, determine the
Imprisonment, and also promote the regular Conveyance of such Vagrants by the Contractor, accord-
ing to the said Proposal.

And it is farther recommended to the said Justices to be punctual in sending to the next
Sessions, Duplicates of the Passes and Examinations, as is by Law reqired, in order that incorrigi-
ble Rogue may be the easier convicted and punished as the Law directs.

And it is hereby ordered, That the Keeper of Bridewell do, in a proper Book, enter the
Christian and Sir-names, alphabetically, of all Vagabonds that shall for the future be committed to his
Custody, together with the Time of Commitment, the Place of Settlement, their Age and such brief
Description of their Persons, as may enable him, or his Agent, to recollect any Person who shall
be a second Time committed for the like Offence; upon Discovery of which, the Keeper, or his
Agent is hereby required to apply to the committing Magistrate for a Detainer until the next Session
as an incorrigible Rogue, and upon such Conviction the said Keeper shall have an Order of the Court
upon the Treasurer of the County to be paid the Sum of
as a Reward for the Detection and Conviction of such incorrigible Rogue.

And it is farther ordered, That the Clerk of the Peace do cause Five Hundred Copies of the Re-
port in April last, which the said Proposal and the Resolutions of this Court thereupon, to be printed,
and that one of such Copies be delivered by the Cryer of this Court to each of the Justices of this
County, and also of the City and Liberty of Westminster .

By the Court,

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