Middlesex Sessions:
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April 1786

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That your Committee thinking this a matter of great
Importance to this County did by letter request the Lord Mayer and Alderman
of the City of London to appoint a time and place for a
Conference with your Committee on this Subject to which they
received an Answer dated the 12 of November last informing
them that their request should be said before the nextCourt
Court of Alderman, but no Conference has yet been appointed
As so great a length of time has clapsed without
any conference being appointed by the City Magistrates Your
Committee have thought it proper to report to the Court the
following resolutions which have been come to by your Committee the
VizResolved it appears to thisthat it is the opinion of thisCommittee
that the number of Vagrants passed in through and out of this
County are of late Years greatly increased

Resolved that it appears to this Committee That the
has greatly increased & become a heavy Charge upon yd. County
Expence of apprehending passing and relieving Vagrantsfrom April
the same having Amounting to the Sum of 857. for one Year
Ending in1784 toApril 1785including Mr. Adams Salary and a [..] unts
to 057

Resolved that it appears to this Committee by the information
of the sd. Contractor that Several persons have been passed from the City of London dangerously
Ill. some of which have died the Contractor his Hands & in the Respite
before they could be moved by him out of this County & that many
are passed as Vagrants who do not appear to be Objects of the
Vagrants Law. Resoled that it appears to upon this Committee That the great
Increase of Vagrants arises from the great number coming from the
City of London and the Ease with which passes are there obtained
Resolved That it appears to this Committee from the information of
Mr. Adams the sd. Contractor That the City Magistrates never
other Cause the Vagrants to Be Whipp or Imprisoned Vagrants previous to their being passed

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